Printable PDF file of the Russian Pilgrim available!


Tales of a Russian Pilgrim

A great treasure of spirituality accessible to everyone!


A rare and valuable work now accessible to everyone!



One of the most valuable and rare spiritual works: THE PHILOCALY OF THE NEPTIC FATHERS, cited by the Russian Pilgrim!


Tales of a Russian Pilgrim

Pray without ceasing: The Prayer of the Heart!

A great treasure of eastern spirituality

The spiritual combat

Learn how to combat vices and cultivate virtues with this book recommended by Saint Francis de Sales!

Letter from a Catholic father to a spiritualist daughter

Many of the souls in Hell would not be there if they had access to this information. Think carefully.

The holy Rosary

The psalter of Jesus and Mary!

The history, devotion and miracles obtained with the most powerful devotion:

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the secret of La Sallete

The Secret revealed to Maximino and Melania in the apparitions of Nossa Senhora in La Sallete, France.

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Faith and Works

Works of Saint Augustine - Faith and Works

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The Virgin Mary according to the Summa Theologica

Tenas polemics about the Virgin Mary, explained by Saint Thomas Aquinas.


Saint Augustine

The dimension of the soul

Works of Saint Augustine - The dimension of the soul



Christmas Novena

It is the duty of every Catholic!


the hell


The hell

If it exists - What is it - How can we avoid it

Santo Antão


Santo Antao, the saint of renunciation

One of the most radical and influential saints in the world!


 Monsignor de Ségur


To the suffering: Consolations

Why do we suffer? Monsignor de Ségur explains to us.

Blessed Woman

Pe. Julio Maria

The Blessed Woman

A real treatise on the Virgin Mary, very complete!



Tthe Imitation of Christ

The Imitation of Christ - Thomas of Kempis. The booklet that needs no introduction.


Santo Agostinho - A alma e sua origem

Saint Augustine

The soul and its origin

Works of Saint Augustine - The soul and its origin


Santo Agostinho, o santo da inteligência!

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St. Augustine - The saint of intelligence

A great sinner who became a great saint!



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The Christ, the Pope and the Church

Everything about the Catholic Church and Peter's successor. Know the true story, unknown to most Catholics!


The Holy Guardian Angels

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The Holy Guardian Angels

Holy Angel of the Lord, my zealous keeper, if divine piety has been entrusted to you; always rules me, rules me, enlightens me. Amen

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Saint Gabriel, Muhammad and Islam

Much is said about Islam, but little is known about it.

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Treaty of true devotion to the Blessed Virgin by St. Luiz Maria Grignion de Montfort

We know almost nothing about the Virgin Mary. St. Luiz Maria Grignion de Montfort explains it to us.

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Our Father and Ave Maria - explained by São Tomás de Aquino

Everything that deserves to be done, deserves to be done well. Even more when it is done for God!

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The Angel of Light

Responses to controversial topics such as the end of the world, human origin, gospels, popes, dogmas, providence, predestination, vocation ...

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The 15 prayers of Saint Brígida

An easy and quick way to find God's mercy and salvation.

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The most beautiful prayers of saint Afonso

Prayers for every moment of our life!

Santa Bríigida

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The Prophecies and Revelations of Saint Bridget of Sweden

Know the will of God through the prophecies and revelations of Saint Bridget of Sweden!

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Call to Love - Message from the Heart of Jesus to the World

Message from the Heart of Jesus to the World, revealed to Josefa Menéndez 100 years ago

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The end-time drama

THE END OF TIMES in the most complete approach on the theme.

Santo Antonio Maria Claret


The torments of Hell: Taken from the writings of Santo Antônio Maria Claret

An old-fashioned subject, but one that interests everyone:

O anjo das trevas

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The angel of darkness

Fr. Julio Maria, describes, shows and refutes very clearly the angel of darkness.

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The second coming of Jesus Christ

Fr. Julio Maria shows that we are living at the end of time!

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The Devil, Luther and Protestantism

They lied to us: Know who THE TRUE MARTINTO LUTERO was!

Pe. Julio Maria

The Gospel of Liturgical Feasts and Most Popular Saints

Fr. Julio Maria, with beautiful catechesis, addresses the Christian commemorative dates!

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Angels and demons - The fight against the power of darkness!

A complete and accessible documentary about who are the angels, the good and the bad and their influence on the life of man.


Gustavo Antônio…

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Meet Our Lady of La Salette - Dr. Simão Baccelli

As important as Fatima, Lourdes and Guadalupe, the apparition of the Virgin Mary weeping at La Salette has much to tell us.


The Enemies of Our Salvation

Very simply, Friar Raul de Lima Sertã warns about the risks of losing his soul.


The wonderful episodes of Fatima

Revisiting the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Fatima, from the perspective of that time.


Let us have compassion on the poor souls!

Mons. Ascânio Brandão presented us with this excellent treasure over the souls of Purgatory. Those who once were need us!


The Purgatory Manuscript

Here is a revealing document about Purgatory!

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Letter from Beyond!

What causes a soul to lose eternal life? The Beyond Letter answers this question very clearly. It would be good for everyone to read this document.

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The three dreams!

Monsignor Eymard L'E. Monteiro three dreams.

In these dreams he visits and describes in detail Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell.


Salve a sua alma!

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Save your soul!

better than hit the lottery, is to read this secret I'll tell you!

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The exploration of naivete

It is normal for people to repeat phrases made without paying attention to their meaning.

Santo Tomás de Aquino

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The profession of faith!

This book should be one of the bedside books of all those who profess the Catholic faith!